About Me


My name is Ben Zhang.

I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree Program at the University of Waterloo.

Here’s a list of things I enjoy doing:

  • Converting ideas into reality
    • No, this is not simply about programming. I like the sensation of being able to create something useful out of nothingness. A lot of the times I find myself enjoying the theoretical aspects of Computer Science because it helps me write better code.
  • Music
    • If I say I like Jazz, many might laugh at me: “Who listens to jazz nowadays?” I enjoy Jazz because 1. I play the trumpet, and trumpet is pretty much a Jazz instrument at its core. 2. It is like a new language, just like English, Spanish, Java, or C++. A lot of effort and dedication are required to become a fluent speaker. I’ve always liked challenges, and the music provides just enough obstacles for me to overcome without being too overwhelming that I become scared of it. 3. It also provides me a way to temporarily forget about all the work I have to do and escape reality for a little while. It is nice sometimes to spend an afternoon or evening solely on practicing my trumpet.
  • Badminton & running & spending time with friends
    • I have never been a hardcore sports person. But I enjoy taking the time to be active once in a while and spend some time to catch up with friends. On the other hand, I really dislike it when sports become undesirably competitive. It’s almost like having an argument with someone and it soon becomes very stressful for me. I’ve always thought everyone should be happy all the time and there should be no jealousy, anger, or all the other hateful mindsets.

So that concludes my blurb about my hobbies. I will add a bit more information about my academic life and family background at a later time. Meanwhile, I would be so happy if you checked out some of the personal projects I’ve been working on on GitHub.